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Issue 57-March 2018

Archetype: The Gambler
Symbology: Racoon
Health: Renew-Pitch-Give Away-New
Inspiration: Rumi
My Favorites: Pet Love; Get Your Tone On; Good Eats.

Issue 56-February 2018

Archetype: The Exorcist
Symbology: Elephant
Health: Share the Wealth, video
Inspiration: "Trust", Unknown
My Favorites: "Breathing" app; "The Choice", book; "Travel" app

Issue 55-November 2017

Archetype: The Destroyer
Symbology: Prayer of Gratitude Video
Health: Green Goddess Repost
Inspiration: "Waiting for Signs" by Story People
My Favorites: Christmas list

Issue 54-September 2017

Archetype: The Avenger
Symbology: THe Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign
Health: 4 Ways to Select Your New Favorite Skincare Brand
Inspiration: Quote from Marcel Proust
My Favorites: Bombs and Bubbles; Big Breeze, Little Fan; New Book from David Sedaris

Issue 53-August 2017

Archetype: The Judge
Symbology: Deer/Gentleness
Health: Drinking Water
Inspiration: Paradise
My Favorites: Siri; Fish People; Moana; 

Issue 52-June 2017

Archetype: The Shape-Shifter
Symbology: Porcupine
Health: Let The Juice Games Begin
Inspiration: Follow Kendra on Instagram and Facebook
My Favorites: Away We Go; National Parks; Num Num Eat Fresh

Issue 51-May 2017

Archetype: The Priest
Symbology: Louise Hay "Visualization"
Health: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Inspiration: Karim Seddiki
My Favorites: Great Things in Tiny Boxes; App for Road Tripping

Issue 50-March 2017

Archetype: The Goddess
Symbology: "Self Made Man"
Health: Sugar Brain
Inspiration: BBC's Life Story: Putterfish
My Favorites: Apps; Chocolates

Issue 49-February 2017

Archetype: The Guide
Symbology: "Why Leaders Eat Last"
Health: C & Co. Handcrafted Skincare
Inspiration: TUT, The Universe
My Favorites: Films, Apps, Podcasts

Issue 48-January 2017

Archetype: The Detective
Symbology: A Day With Your Destiny
Health:Breast Cancer Risk
Inspiration: Ralph Waldo Emerson
My Favorites: Reading, Coaching Promo

Issue 47-December 2016

Archetype: Storyteller
Symbology: Al Watt, The 90 Day Nove
Health: Recipe for Gluten Free Sandwich Bread
Inspiration: Tut, The Universe
My Favorites: Gift Giving Guide, Gift Certificates

Issue 46-November 2016

Archetype: The Femme Fatale
Symbology: Feeling Awe
Health: Paleo Pumpkin Bars
Inspiration: Native American Smudging Ritual, video
My Favorites: Coming soon! Holiday Gift Giving Guide in December

Issue 45-October 2016

Archetype: The Prince
Symbology: Divinity Quest
Health: Your Precious Fur Face
Inspiration: Carl Jung
My Favorites: Great App: local library book finder; Another Fab Window Washing Tool: from Windex; Must Read: Jodi Picoult "small great things"

Issue 44-September 2016

Archetype: The Queen
Symbology: Oriole
Health: 10 Tips for Healthy Restaurant Dining
Inspiration: From TUT-A Note from the Universe
My Favorites: Skin Deep; Movie Night; Easy Listening

Issue 43-August 2016

Archetype: The King
Symbology: Leopard
Health: Brene` Brown, "3 Ways to Set Boundaries"
Inspiration: Story People, "Little Matters"
My Favorites: House Cleaning Helper; Easy Peassy Corn on the Cob; "Every Day Blessings", a book for parents. 

Issue 42-June 2016

Archetype: The Damsel
Symbology: Affirmation Cards
Health: 20 Minute Summer Salad Recipe
Inspiration: TUT: A Note from the Universe
My Favorites: Angel App; Eat Fresh and Local; Book: "All The Light We Cannot See"

Issue 41-May 2016

Archetype: The Hedonist
Symbology: Dove
Health: C & Co
Inspiration: alex elle
My Favorites: My Body Fav; Eat You Alive;  Scan It

Issue 40-April 2016

Archetype: The Scribe
Symbology: Parrot
Health: Turmeric Latte
Inspiration: Rumi
My Favorites: Good Film: Chasing Mavericks; Good Read: After A While You Just Get Use to It; Good TV: John from Cincinnati

Issue 39-March, 2016

Archetype: The Artist
Symbology: Gull
Health: Cellulite
Inspiration: Mahatma Gandhi
My Favorite Things: Three Apps: A Way of Life; Clear; Think Dirty

Issue 38-February, 2016

Archetype: The Alchemist
Symbology: Oppossum
Health: Recovering from a Sugar Binge
Inspiration: Mindfulness; Letting Go Meditation
My Favorites: Chicken Soup Recipe; Homeopathic Cold Remedy

Issue 37-January, 2016

Archetype: The Child: Wounded
Symbology: Fox
Health: Are You Sad?
Inspiration: The Little Prince
My Favorite Things: Map and Travel App; Non GMO and Organic shopping for less

Issue 36-December, 2015

Archetype:  The Child: Divine
Symbology: Mandala
Health: Genetically Modified Salmon
Inspiration: "Successful Holiday", Story People
My Favorites: Christmas Treats; Gifts of Possibilities 

Issue 35-November, 2015

Archetype: The Child: Eternal 
Symbology: Spider
Health: 3 Day Cleanse
Inspiration: John Lennon
My Favorite Things: Bubbly; New Dirty Dozen; 37 the  Minimalist Wardrobe 

Issue 34-October, 2015

Archetype: The Child: Orphan
Symbology: Deer
Health: Bees: Endangered
Inspiration: "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver
My Favorite Things: Apple Recipes

Issue 33-September, 2015

Archetype: The Child: Nature
Symbology: Swan
Health: Dinners on the Fly
Inspiration: Wayne Dyer
My Favorites: Good Reads by Wayne Dyer; Pay It Forward-Village Bicycle Project

Issue 32-August, 2015

Archetype: The Liberator
Symbology: Divinity Card
Health: The Secrets of Long Life; Dan Buettner
Inspiration: @momentary/happiness
My Favorite Things: Book: Ted Andrew’s “Animal Speak”; Havalanas; Packing Cubes

Issue 31-June, 2015

Archetype: The Trickster
Symbology: Hawk/Messenger
Health: EWG Sunscreen Guide
Inspiration: Story People
My Favorites: Shop for a Cause: Akola; Chemical Free Safe Sunblock; Organizer: Phone Chargers

Issue 30-May, 2015

Archetype: The Mother
Symbology: What Is Your Body Language Telling People
Health: 9 Reasons to Eat Chaga Mushrooms
Inspiration: Mother Nature by Emily Dickinson
My Favorite Things: Farmer's Markets; Guidance and Gifts by Sonia Choquette; Callentics

Issue 29-April, 2015
Archetype: The Poet
Symbology: Dragonfly
Health: Ayurveda
Inspiration: The Buddha's Path of Wisdom
My Favorites: Earth Flow Yoga; Yoga and Ayurveda: Self Healing and Self Realization: Book; Unbroken: Film and Book

Issue 28-March, 2015
Archetype:  The Gossip
Symbology: Labyrinth
Health:  Kalettes
Inspiration:  Meditation
My Favorite Things:  Sweet Treats; Seeds to Grow; Humor Me

Issue 27-February, 2015
Archetype:  The Servant
Symbology: Ginger
Health: A Cup of Tea
Inspiration: TED Talk, Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability
My Favorites: Food Babe; Zena Muzyka; Thermal tea infuser mug

Issue 26-January, 2015
Archetype: The King
Symbology: The Bee
Health: Food Journal
Inspiration: Unknown author
My Favorite Things: Journals; Journaling Tape

Issue 25-December, 2014
Archetype: The Angel
Symbology: Klanus-krivanut-eset
Health: Dark Chocolate Shortbread Cookies
Inspiration: Rules for a Successful Holiday
My Favorites: Vosges Chocolates; Sabon Body Soap; Silicone Non Slip Trivets by Andreas

Issue 24-November, 2014
Archetype: The Monk/Nun
Symbology: The Squirrel
Health: Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Foods
Inspiration: Kid's President's Twenty Things We Should Say More Often
My Favorite Things: "Breaking Night" Liz Murray

Issue 23-October, 2014
Archetype: The Advocate
Symbology: Divinity Quest Cards
Health: Healthy Calling
My Favorites: Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee; Well Strung, Musical Group  

Issue 22-September, 2014
Archetype: The Virgin
Symbology: The Ant
Health: Genetically Modified Organisms
My Favorite Things: Virtual Book Club; Bike Trails

Archetype:  The Pioneer
Symbology: The Cardinal
Health: Fed Up
My Favorite Things: The Alchemist; Spiritual Cinema Circle

Issue 20-February, 2014
Archetype: The God
Animal Medicine: The Whale
Wisdom from the Cards: Auspicious Influences
Recipes: Easy Salmon with Dill Sauce

Issue 19-December, 2013
Archetype:  The Messiah
Animal Medicine: The Dolphin
Wisdom from the Cards: Auspicious Influences
Recipes: Peppermint Chocolate Crinkles

Issue 18- November, 2013
Archetype: The Athlete
Animal Medicine: The Tortoise
Astrology and the Planets: Machu Picchu
Recipes: Creamy Quinoa and Broccoli

Issue 17- October, 2013
The Archetype: The Vampire
Animal Medicine: The Bat
Wisdom from the Cards: Navajo Prayer
Recipes: Taco Pizza

Issue 16- September, 2013 
Archetype: The Addict
Animal Medicine: The Frog
Wisdom from the Cards: What's Your Suit
Recipes: Southwestern Chipotle Burger

Issue 15- August, 2013
Archetype: The Warrior
Animal Medicine: The Wild Boar
Wisdom from the Cards: What's Your Card
Recipes: Summer Green Beans

Issue 14 - July, 2013
Archetype: The Visionary
Animal Medicine:  The Owl
Recipes: Corn Salsa

Issue 13 - June, 2013
Archetype: The Networker
Animal Medicine: The Coyote:
Wisdom from Yoga: Networker and Kula Yoga
Wisdom from Astrology: Gemini
Recipes: Bruschetta

Issue 12 - May, 2013
Archetype: The Hero/Heroine
Animal Medicine: The Skunk
Wisdom from Yoga: Hero and Virasana
Wisdom from Astrology: Gemini
Recipes: Savory Meatballs

Issue 11 - April, 2013
Archetype: The Mystic
Animal Medicine: The Crow
Wisdom from Yoga: The Mystic in Yoga
Wisdom from Astrology: Aries
Recipes: Chicken Salad

Issue 10 - March, 2013
Archetype: The Goddess
Animal Medicine: The Otter
Wisdom from Astrology: Pisces
The Wisdom from Yoga: Tantra
Recipes: Fish Tacos

Issue 9 - February, 2013
Archetype: The Lover
Animal Medicine: The Moose
Wisdom from Astrology: Aquarius
Recipes: Chicken for Two

Issue 8 - January, 2013
Archetype: The Prostitute
Animal Medicine: The Bear
Wisdom from Astrology: Libra
Wisdom from Yoga: Tantric
Recipes: Breakfast Casserole

Issue 7 - December, 2012
Archetype: The Saboteur
Animal Medicine: The Hummingbird
Wisdom from Numerology: Numerology and the Saboteur
Wisdom from Yoga: Yoga and the Saboteur
Recipes: Walnut Cranberry Quinoa Salad

Issue 6 - November, 2012
Archetype: The Victim
Animal Medicine: The Turkey
Wisdom from Numerology: Who's Got the Power
Wisdom from Astrology: Libra and Scorpio Rule
Wisdom in Yoga: The Victim
Recipes: Pumpkin, Sage and Chicken Pasta

Issue 5 - October, 2012
Archetype: The Child
Animal Medicine: The Butterfly
Wisdom from Numerology: What Child is This?
Wisdom from Yoga: Tantra Traditions
Recipes: Hearty Chili con Carne

Issue 4 - September, 2012
Archetype: The Teacher
Animal Medicine:  The Wolf
Wisdom from Numerology: The Number Six
Wisdom from Astrology: Taurus
Wisdom from Yoga: Guru
Recipes: Lemon Pasta

Issue 3- August, 2012
Archetype: The Student
Animal Medicine: The Horse
Wisdom from Numerology: The Number Seven
Wisdom from Yoga: The Student
Recipes: Mixed Berry and Candied Walnut Salad

Issue 2- July, 2012
Archetype: The Patriot
Animal Medicine: The Buffalo/Bison
Wisdom from Numerology: The Number Five
Wisdom from Astrology: Vedic or Eastern Astrology
Recipes: Marinated Grilled Shrimp

Issue 1 - June, 2012
Archetype: The Father
Animal Medicine: The Eagle
Wisdom in Numerology: The Number Six
Recipes: Easy Chicken Enchiladas


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